Dat 7

The day started with my favorite breakfast cereal – oatmeal and a peanut butter and jam open-faced sandwich as a chaser.  Dr. Phil Stillman and I got to the hospital a little before 8 o’clock.  We missed devotions with the team and had just missed devotions at the hospital.  Dr. Phil went off to surgery and I opened up the dental clinic.  They actually gave me the keys to keep during our time at the hospital.
Marta had asked me to see the children who live at the compound.  She gave me the names of ten of the children (age range 11 to 19 years old) and I had completed all ten in the last 2 days.  This morning I asked Helen to send two more teenagers.  The teenagers are in greater need for the cleanings because most of the ten I had already treated had periodontal disease.

My day didn’t go as I had planned.  It went according to God’s plan.  I was waiting for the two teenagers to come up from the school and they had not arrived.  While waiting, Tigist, a nurse, stopped by to talk with my assistant/translator, Tsediniya.  (Tsediniya is the wife of the medical director and is a nurse.)  Tsediniya suggested I clean Tigist’s teeth since we had no patients at that time.  I had cleaned Tigist’s teeth last year and this year it took me a fraction of the time it did last year!  After cleaning Tigist’s teeth, we still didn’t have any teenagers from the school. 

Yesterday, I started to clean Tsediniya’s teeth and her husband’s teeth (Dr. Z.).  They were going to be my challenge because both have really hard calculus (tartar).  I wanted to make sure I finished both of them before leaving Project Mercy and knew I had to have a lot of time.  So, God arranged the day.  The teenagers never arrived and I basically had no patients.  God’s plan - Tigist stops by, I clean her teeth, she’s off duty, Tsediniya becomes my patient, Tigist becomes my assistant, and in about 2 hours I finish cleaning Tsediniya’s teeth.  After lunch, I had only one patient, Dr. Z.  This was a God plan because I was late in returning to the hospital and I spent over 2 hours with Dr. Z.  Dr. Z. told me he was going to join the medical team tomorrow because he got his teeth cleaned!

The day was not so good for two team members, Julia and Kathryn.  They stayed at the compound because they weren’t feeling well.  But the day ended with Project Mercy busting at the seams.  A team of 15 from Regis University arrived.  Their team is comprised of nurses in training to be nurse practitioners and physical therapy students.  All the nurse practitioner students will join our team tomorrow.