Day 8

It is Saturday night in Yetebon and your clinic team is back at Project Mercy, taking showers and preparing for dinner.  All of us are so glad the good Lord built “Sabbath” into His plan because we have run six clinics this week and are ready to rest for a day.  Typically, each day begins with breakfast and prayer before we pack the bus and the Land Cruiser for the journey out to the village of the day.  The road from Project Mercy to Yetebon is fairly smooth dirt and rock (not gravel), the road through greater Yetebon is bumpy asphalt but the road to Enseno, ah, now that is an adventure! More big rocks than dirt, the road has major obstacles: goats, cattle, recalcitrant donkeys, chickens, goats, dogs, sheep, little kids, big kids, old men, women with babies on their backs, and hand-carts of every shape and description with rickety metal wheels.  The luxury models have old tires.  There are occasional buses and one or two cars but most everyone and everything has either two or four feet.  Pervading all is the incessant dust, sneaking into every crack in our tightly shuttered un-air-conditioned bus. “Left in the dust” is a very real concept here.  There are no lanes on any road that I have seen so far and it is biggest first into the fray.  Our driver is a contortionist, getting us through the menagerie and amazingly, there has been no road kill (it’s probably because of the hyenas).  Though goats and dogs sleep in the middle of the road, and people mosey out of the way, none has been hit.

When we arrive at the village of the day folks are already waiting.  There is a system for choosing the sickest patients and we try to select children and the elderly.  After the patient-to-be receives the nod for treatment, they are taken to triage where they are interviewed and have their vital signs taken.  They are escorted to a treatment room, seen by a doctor and a nurse/translator and then sent to the pharmacy for prescribed medications.  Today we had nurses from Regis University in Denver, Colorado and Dr. Zenaye from the Project Mercy Hospital, a real blessing.

Kathryn was back at work today and Julia is much better.  All the rest of you precious family members and friends: we are all well and good!

A special shout out to our dearly loved Prayer Warriors all over the world, especially St. Olaf’s Church in North Dakota.  We feel your prayers and see God’s power in a mighty way every single hour of the day.