Today we spent the morning in devotions aimed at making sense of what we’ve seen in Ethiopia and preparing for our return to the United States.picture 

After lunch we visited the Myungsung Christian Medical Center (MCM), a private, rapidly growing hospital in Addis established and funded by an 85,000 member Presbyterian Church in Seoul, South Korea.  The hospital is now the most up-to-date in Addis, with its own neonatal intensive care unit, and will soon open the first trauma and burn centers in the country. 

pictureFee-for-service medicine at MCM is affordable by American standards.  A general practitioner visit costs approximately $2.5, while seeing a specialist will set you back $4.  A bed in the ward costs about $11 per day.  Of course, many patients, including those we’ve been treating, cannot afford even these modest amounts, so charity care is provided, although the need always outstrips the funds available.

pictureDental care is an enormous need in Ethiopia.  We saw many patients with significant pain and serious infections due to advanced tooth decay, broken teeth and an overall lack of dental care.  There are only 55 dentists in Ethiopia, a country with 80 million inhabitants.  MCM can only offer part-time dental services at present due to the shortage of qualified professionals.

The day concluded with a stop at the Haile Selassie shopping center followed by devotions at our guesthouse.

This will be our last update.  Tomorrow, we have a full schedule culminating in a farewell dinner with our Ethiopian hosts.  pictureThen it’s off to the airport to begin the 36 hour journey back to California.  It’s amazing what God is doing in Ethiopia.  We are very grateful for the chance to serve those working here every day to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Please pray for our safe return.