PictureWe started the morning with daily devotion of John 19:16-31. Chong led it and we talked how busy we have been in California and didn’t have much time to spend for relationships with other people as they do here in Ethiopia.

A mobile clinic was opened in a church in Addis. It was amazing to see that everyday we get more space for clinic practice and we get faster when we set it up. It is clear that we are working as a team--I would like to say we are a dream team!

However, we didn’t get electricity until late in the afternoon; we had to rely on the sunlight from the narrow window, which kept the room still dark.

PictureWe had many patients who had ear problems today. Cindy had a patient who has have pus in his ears for 7 years. Of course he had hearing problem. Also George had a patient who couldn’t hear because of the earwax full in his ears.

We ran out of all the eye drops and reading glasses. We actually brought many but couldn’t make such a great need.

Alice had a patient who accepted Jesus Christ as a savior. She was in her 30s with a sick child and two other children at home. Her husband recently abandoned her. A minister from the local church was then asked to pray for her. She was receptive to hearing about Jesus.

Robin was delighted that she had great chances to pray for several people while they waited for doctor. She also had a fun time singing and playing with puppets for two beautiful twin girls.

Even though there is high rate of illiteracy in Ethiopia, at some point I thought we still need to label the prescription drugs that they can identify medications and follow directions better for the best efficacy whenever they can get help reading. I started asking for translations of some most commonly used directions. I got help from many people, which I really appreciate. Abebe and Mambara started making an Ethiopian Alphabet list for me, Alemu wrote translations for the directions, and Achiso added pronunciation on it. Also Teddy input that in the computer system. I am really grateful for all the efforts they made to help better people in needs.

PictureWe ended up with 77 patients. Gizaw brought us to an ice cream place-“Kaldi’s Coffee”. It was a neat place and we had yummy ice cream-mango, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip, hazelnut, apricot, mocha, and cinnamon. Kaldi was the name of the man who first found coffee. They say, once upon a time, he found an extraordinary energetic goat and learned that it eats coffee.

In Ethiopia, we are enjoying Macchiato, one of the richest coffees in the world, and all different colors of gorgeous roses. On the other hand, we are inhaling heavily polluted thin air, and finding many patients with simple diseases not having been treated for years, causing traumatic consequences.

Oh Lord, please help these warm-hearted people from their burden.


M and R with C: Mike and Raquel with sponsored childrenToday we did not have water…  It was an adjustment not having showers or water to wash our hands.  We “bathed” in antibacterial hand cleaner and wipes!  But this did not get us down.  We had the privilege of caring for children here at Hope Enterprises where we are staying.  The Kindergarten classes came to us first with beautiful smiling faces and matching maroon and purple uniforms.  During our day we saw elementary through high school students.  It was wonderful to see the older children taking the younger ones by the hand through the screening process.  We have been touched by the way people in Dessie take time to care for one another.   

Our medical team identified some heart breaking problems among the children.  One eight-year old girl revealed being brutally abused since age 4.    Another child has had a terribly infected tooth for three years, making her life miserable.  Others had scabies, which meant small limbs covered with red bites.  Quite a few children have been suffering with vitamin A deficiency.  Their eyesight has diminished, causing them to struggle to see well enough to read and study in school.  These are only a few examples of the difficulties that these children are facing.  While they have significant troubles, these children have the opportunity to go to school, receive two meals a day, and hear about God’s love for them.  Many of these children’s siblings do not have the chance to go to school.  Those who have this open door realize how blessed they are to become educated.

Hole KidsAs for the more serious diagnoses identified by our clinicians, referrals and some financial assistance were provided for individuals to go to local clinics and dentists.  The other day at one of our local screenings, Dr. Bob saw a young boy with a very sad face.  He soon discovered why this little one and his mother were so heavy hearted.  The child was deaf.  Dr. Bob showed such tenderness for them and provided a referral for a special hearing device that can help this boy with some hearing ability.  As a result, Hope Enterprises responded by promising to help this child receive care as well as this critical hearing device.  Today this precious mother and her son came to our screening to find and thank Dr. Bob.  She brought two little pictures of herself and her boy and expressed that Dr. Bob was a father to her son.  So many women and children here do not have husbands and fathers.  HIV has claimed the lives of countless family members.  There is so much suffering around us.  While our contribution feels so small, we are humbled and grateful to be a few of God’s instruments here in this corner of the world…

Mike and Raquel had an incredibly special experience after our health screening time ended.  They were able to meet and spend time with two beautiful children they have been honored to sponsor through Compassion International.  Bright eyed Engdawork (4) and soccer loving Samuel (9) came to our guesthouse with their mothers and one sister.  It was so memorable to express our love and appreciation for each other through Mimi, our Ethiopian friend and interpreter.  A dear brother in Christ named Teodros, who worked with Mike as his interpreter last year, offered to come and meet these little kids with us.  We were deeply moved as he communicated with them about wanting to keep in touch with them.  He wrote down their addresses and told us he would look out for them.  Teodros has his own family but has a huge heart to reach out to those in need in his community.  We are thankful that he will be a compassionate presence in Engdawork and Samuel’s lives.  How amazing to see God at work in and through his people!