PictureThursday was spent at the Oasis, a wonderful house on the southwestern edge of Addis run as a hospitality ministry by David and Lynn Hunt.  We had several sessions during the day focused on spending time quietly with God to reflect and process what we had individually experienced.  There was a sense of ‘time-out’, a rare unfettered time of freedom from the mundane activities of our typical lives.  We also spent the later sessions of Thursday and Friday preparing for the return to California.  Re-assimilating into our culture from the Ethiopian way of life is a challenge: the materialism, fast pace and individualism we have all become accustomed to by living here took on a new stark contrast compared with the way the majority world lives.  PictureWe needed to prepare for that reality and how we would respond upon re-entry.

Each of us has been changed by this experience.  There are many people who would like to have come but for many reasons were unable to.  We feel very blessed to have had this opportunity to be able to go, serve, and return more kingdom minded and desiring to be who God wants us to be.  We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of those who sent us and supported us with their resources and prayers.  PictureOur hope is that His kingdom was advanced in Ethiopia and that it will be advanced here in the United States through these experiences and the changes they have brought about.  To God be the glory!