Day 2

PictureOur busted travel day turned out to be a surprise blessing all around. The surprises started with our accommodations: Our United airlines voucher placed us at Landsdowne Resort, a beautiful golf club on the Potomac. Saturday dawned to a beautiful warm and sunny Northern Virginia spring day. Our rebooked flight put us on an 8:30 PM Ethiopian Airlines flight to Addis via Rome, so we had all day to read, exercise, or even sleep in.

Over a late lunch before heading for the airport it became apparent that our team needed the rest. Most of us had “run the tank down to empty” in order to arrive at SFO Friday in the pre-dawn darkness having cleared the decks at home and work for two weeks of out-of-touch time in Africa. Our hosts also benefited: Instead of seeing to our needs beginning on Saturday evening, they were able to enjoy Ethiopian Easter celebrations with family and friends, picking us up at the airport after dinner.

Our Shepherd and SallyIt wasn’t completely smooth sailing. Andrew had to spend a couple of hours getting re-ticketed just prior to departure since, incredibly, the computer showed him checked in and on his way to Ethiopia while he and the rest of us were actually hanging out at Dulles airport on Friday evening. After a smooth flight to Addis, Mike was stopped and his bag searched by customs authorities concerned about the medical supplies. Outside of customs we prayed for a favorable resolution, just as we said “Amen,” a phone chimed with a text message from a congregant informing us that Dave and the entire 11:05 café at MPPC had prayed for us, realizing that we were just then arriving in Ethiopia after our airline adventure. A moment later, Mike appeared with all of his supplies.

Further evidence that God is good.

Keith Marjorie and Chong getting some restTomorrow, the Dessie team heads north and we begin our work with home visits to program beneficiaries in the Lideta neighborhood of Addis.

Thanks for your prayers!