Day 6

PictureAs the day begins, we are adjusting to the roosters crowing and the loud speakers blaring the Moslem call to worship.  Winschet our cook continues to spoil us with incredible homemade breads and pastries for breakfast.

Today we had our clinic in Bole Kale Hiywot Church.  The trip across the city to arrive there is a fascinating experience of people, donkeys, goats, and autos jostling for position on many streets that have no stop signs or signal lights!  So far I have only seen one woman driving a vehicle but everyone uses their horn.  Addis seems to be a maze of alleys and often only a path between endless tiny one roomed tin roofed shops selling fruits, car parts, hanging sides of beef , coffee and clothing.

PictureWe set up our clinic in the church sanctuary.   Alice and Dana did triage with Chong, Anne, Cindy and George providing treatment to nearly 100 patients.

Jasmine with her team of Andrew, Robin and Carolyn filled prescriptions, dispensed eye glasses and performed dental examinations.  Our patients had numerous diagnoses including typhoid, typhus, a massive goiter, lupus with facial butterfly disfigurement, and elephantiasis of the leg.  There were many opportunities to pray with these people and share with both physical and spiritual care.

PictureTonight we went out to a beautiful authentic Ethiopian cultural restaurant for dinner.  Our food was served on a large platter that is covered with injera the traditional bread of Ethiopia. Then vegetables, meats, beans, cheese, and sauces are added to the platter.

Your silverware is the piece of injera that you tear off and use to make up a small burrito filled with the various items.  It was great fun eating in this manner!   During the meal an amazing musical production begins of traditional songs and dances representing various times and tribes.  The most outstanding is the “Shoulder Dance” in which one must have “hyperextendability.”  It was truly a memorable experience for all of us and one that we will not forget.

The long day is over and we are all ready to say goodnight and look forward to another blessed day of serving the Lord together tomorrow.


pictureGreetings from the medical team in Dessie (Mike, Raquel, Keith, Marji, Judy, Tonja, Frank & Sally)!  We are all well and serving the children of Ethiopia with the joy and love of the Lord.

Today we did health screening and teaching to 113 children from the community around the Messerete Kirostos Church.  These children come from some of the poorest families in Dessie.  Many have only one parent, and a large number are orphans.  Unlike the other children we have seen over the past couple of days, the vast majority are from Muslim homes.  Our local partner, Lifewind Ethiopia, has been working with Messerete Kirostos to teach public health to this community.

Judy examining patientBecause of their Muslim background, the people in the community have been reluctant to go to the church for this education.  However, God’s plan will not be stopped, because the city officials have asked Lifewind and the church to provide public health training as long as they to not try to convert the Muslim people to Christianity.  The head of the local district (a Muslim) came to our site today to make sure there was no overt evangelism.  However, because the Koran speaks of Jesus as a prophet of God, we could tell the people the “complete” story about Jesus’ death and resurrection and what that means to us personally.  While we could not invite them to believe in Christ, they now for the first time know the whole message of God’s great love through his Son, Jesus.  Indeed, after one member of our team shared her life story, several young girls asked to hear more and then wanted to pray to Jesus!  The seeds have been planted; Lifewind and Messerete Kirostos will do the watering, and we pray that these young girls will be connected to Christ’s body and received discipleship.  God’s Spirit is at work and will not be thwarted!

Dr. Bob at Meserete Kristo church screeningOur medical and public health efforts have gone very well.  The kids are getting thorough exams, a loving touch or hug, a smile, a sticker or two, plus hope for the future.  With the support of the local pastors, our doctors were able to pray over all of the children!

We want to thank the members of our “spiritual tribe” for your prayers.  We feel and know your love and support.  We are very thankful that you are members of our extended team and family.  We send you much love in Christ from Dessie!