PictureNo early morning run today, we decided to take a rest for Sunday. Before the devotion, I took a cup of buna (coffee) and decided to sit outside our guesthouse. To my surprise, there was Addis Ababa athletic running team doing hill training outside our guesthouse. As per team coach, they have about 200 mid distance runners, age between 14 and 20.They do this hill training every Sunday for an hour. I guess I missed their training session when I was here last year. It was pretty impressive to see how fast they could run on hills at 7800 ft altitude… People like me have to gasp for air when I run on this hill. But they do it with such a grace and smile.

PictureThis morning, we visited Ethiopian church where Gazaw attend. The service was in Amharic and we didn’t have much of understanding what was being said. But I think all of us were in awe how spiritual this church was. We all could feel the presence of God in this church. We were introduced as a medical team from MPPC and Ethiopian congregation greeted George’s Amharic with enthusiasm.

I have a special prayer request for this church. This church is currently doing a fundraising to acquire the land the church and school (from kindergarten to 12th grade) is located.Apparently Muslim church is attempting to purchase this land to build their mosque where current church and school is located. PictureThey offered about $140,000 (yes, this is the correct amount) to property owner.This is rather large amount for Ethiopian standard but Muslim church is willing to pay that much money to close down this church and school where gospel is being spread and taught to student. They need about $55,000 by June and another $36,000 by October. Without God, this seems to be impossible task but we know that with God, everything is feasible.

“To whom much is given, much will be required”


Ladies resting under banana treesToday was a day of worship, rest, and recreation.  We divided into four groups and worshiped with each of our partner churches here in Dessie.  Ethiopian worship is spirited, lively and filled with music, singing and even dancing!  We were blessed to share the morning with our brothers and sisters half-way around the world who share our love for the Lord.

Lest you think all we do is work, we want to share with you some of the laughter and joy we experience here as well.

One of our points of joy is living in Community while on these mission trips.  Our mealtimes are filled with laughter and stories as we share about our day. Doctor Mike has made up a new word… “ Tookus Woosha “  which is the closest translation in Amharic to  “Hot dog”, which gets used a lot with this group.   ,

Another joy is the children.  Their sweet faces and trusting spirits are so dear to us.  We love looking around our clinics and seeing them having fun with the puppet shows, bible stories and coloring pages. They are very patient with our poking and probbings!

We have heard so many interesting stories of the people we work with who have lived through the difficult times here in Ethiopia over the last 30 years. The Communist years were very challenging for the Christian families we know here.

Boat on Lake HyakThis afternoon we ventured out on a trip to Lake Hayk north of Dessie to do some hiking.  The drive was a beautiful one taking us past verdant fields growing barley, teff (used to make Ethiopian bread – injera) and sweet potato.  Our walk around the lake found us passing grazing cattle, goats, and sheep.  The weather was perfect, and the outing was refreshing for all of us

We are gearing up for two final busy days of clinic here at Hope on Monday and Tuesday.  Our prayer is to finish strong!