PictureOur last day in Ethiopia had us running a few last errands (like picking up 60 kg of coffee), taking one last visit to the Mercado to shop and shoot pictures, and then relaxing for a final meal at Top View Bar and Restaurant.

PictureAs our team prepared to board our 10:15 p.m. flight home, we were greeted with a surprise upgrade of two seats in First Class, which were promptly given to Grace and Margie to enjoy.  (Not only were they the most “senior” members of our team, but neither had ever flown in anything other than economy.)  At the end of the flight, one of them commented, “I could get used to that!”

PictureThirty hours of travel is never fun (22 hours of actual flying, plus a seven hour layover in Washington, D.C. and that wonderful one hour stuck on the plane as it refuels in Rome).  But the travel time home allows time for thinking, asking good questions and beginning the personal journey to find good answers.  As we left, each of us were asking questions such as the following:




  • How can I describe my experience in Ethiopia?
  • How can I explain to people what Ethiopia means to me?
  • How do I explain to people what Ethiopia has done to me?
  • I feel a part of me has changed.  But what are the important changes and how can I recognize them?  Will others?
  • How do I see the good news of Jesus differently because of what I have experienced?
  • What did God teach me on this trip?

One good thing about good questions; they usually beget good answers!