Final Preparation For The Journey

The final pre-trip get together on Sunday, July 12th began with a commissioning at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church's11:05 Cafe service. John Ortberg's sermon about God as our guide was very appropriate as the team begins their international, educational, and spiritual journey (well worth a watch if you didn't see it). This was followed by a four hour meeting in which the team packed 24 bags, each to their 50 pound limit, with 20 overhead projectors, 20 heavy-duty voltage converter boxes, loads of extra bulbs, a 100 boxes of overhead transparencies, an uncountable number of vis-a-vis overhead transparency pens, four lap top computers, an LCD projector with extra bulbs, a hundred fly swatters (for an educational, not entymological, use), and many, many more curricular materials and teacher supplies that will all be left in Ethiopia. We thank all those who supported us on this trip; part of your contribution helped purchase these supplies. Take a look at photos of our final preparation for the journey. Click here to view the Photo Gallery.