PictureAfter so much planning, we're finally off and away! We spent last Saturday, October 3rd getting the final preparations in place with a “packing party” outside the MPPC storage area. The supplies, everything from vitamins to IV bags, were divvied up amongst twelve supply duffels. We are each carrying two fifty-pound bags – one with our personal effects and the other filled with medical supplies for the mission.

We met at SFO and did the final weigh-in and head count. When it came time to check in with the airline, we were informed that the flight was overbooked by about a dozen seats. Rather than move the whole cabin around or risk having us change flights, Emirates mysteriously decided to bump our entire group up to the luxurious business class section! The flat-reclining seats with built-in massage, three-course meals and  having nearly an entire cabin to ourselves made the fifteen hour flight into Dubai an experience to be remembered. We're staying in Dubai overnight, doing what little sightseeing we can in the dark before we head out again at the crack of dawn tomorrow for the flight to Addis.

PictureOne couldn't ask for as smooth of a start as we got. We haven't been hassled by customs, our flight was on time (with a few perks!) and everyone is extremely upbeat and excited about the trip to come. We'll see you from Ethiopia!