PictureIt is a Saturday and our team is working hard still.  Everyone is in great spirits, working on treating as many of the children as possible.  Praise God that everyone on the team is staying enthusiastic, energized, healthy and uplifted daily!

Even though it is a Saturday and there is no school, most of the school children still took the time to travel out to to our medical clinic.

For those keeping track, we saw and treated 160 children today and are again struck by the prevalence of parasitic intestinal infections, chronic skin infections, and effects of vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition. 

It is so heartwarming to see the beautiful collaboration between the MPPC team and the volunteer staff from Project Mercy and our nurse translators with the common goal of caring for these beautiful children.

Because it is a Saturday, the hospital is open only for emergencies, a welcome respite from the constant busy-ness during the week. 

PictureThe two doctors at the hospital have been operating every day on very challenging surgical cases.
Almost every morning, the Medical Director gives a health education lectures. He then rounds on the surgical patients.  Our MPPC doctors have been able to go on rounds and then assist in the operating room.  It was great to be able to educate the surgeon and operating room staff how to use some of the surgical supplies brought by the team and exchange knowledge and resources. The MPPC team is humbled by how well the patients receive physical and spiritual care at this hospital. It has been such a joy to be able to serve with this hospital staff and see how God has provided.

In the afternoons, the MPPC doctors are available for outpatient consultations and have seen met so many friendly patients with diverse conditions rarely seen in the US. 

We appreciate all your prayers!