Heading into the home stretch today. By end-of-day yesterday, we had done health assessments on all of the house children, and 800 more children, grades 1-5, conducted in the large relief tents at the Project Mercy Medhane Alem school. At Deme's prompting, we switched and today we saw 125 Kindergarteners. The Kindergarten is about a ½ mile from the school, adjacent to the non-denominational church Marta & Deme built; we set up our health assessments inside the church. The Kindergarteners (ages 6-8, actually) had JUST started school the day before (for the first time), and (to our astonishment) took it all in stride – just another aspect of that strange new entity: “school”. We did all assessments (starting today, so all of the Kindergarteners) on a redesigned health assessment form that requires less writing by the doctors