Finished health assessments on the rest of the Kindergarteners today: 250 in all yesterday & today. That brings our total number of students assessed to 1150, about 80% of whom saw one of the doctors. They seemed about as healthy as the early-grade children we had seen at school: so a fair number of students with a history of untreated “worms”; there were many freshly shaved heads (done to control lice), and roughly the same numbers of children with tinea capitas; Dr. Phil also saw most of the Kindergarten teachers, some hospital staff and other employees. After we had seen everyone, we rushed to move all of our supplies and tables out of the church … just in time for the Wednesday evening church service. No need for a Butajira run this evening! After dinner we packed up some supplies for the hospital (including most of the IVs and associated supplies, and almost all of the remaining meds), some supplies (mostly excess iodized salt and some cookies) for the school, some non-perishable medical and office supplies we can store at Project Mercy for use on future trips. Siggie was able to get a refund from the hospital for meds we bought from them but did not use! We planned our payments and gift-giving for the next day. Then we went on to pack up our personal bags. At the end of all of this we were tired but more than a little elated; we found ourselves praising God for all he had managed to accomplish.