The morning began slowly and wistfully; we were looking forward to a leisurely travel-day. We said our goodbyes to our many friends and project Mercy. We presented a refurbished MPPC laptop computer to Kidane, a law student & former Project Mercy student who has been so helpful to us getting and keeping things moving with the students. Drs. Ann & Fidelia went up to the hospital right after breakfast to give a talk to the hospital staff on universal precautions (how to avoid inadvertent exposure to contaminated materials). Sally & Dea went with them to deliver the final bags of medical supplies. The rest of us gathered our bags and got ready to leave. After saying our goodbyes, we regrouped, got into the bus, driven by Tomerat (our faithful driver for most of our travels) and headed out one-last-time (we thought) on the Road to Butajira, forward-in-time back to the 21st century. About 30 minutes beyond Butajira, one of our Ethiopian nurse-translators became ill. We turned the bus around and headed back to Butajira (which had the nearest hospital). About 3 minutes before we got to the hospital, she became critically ill. Tomerat had been making haste to the hospital, turned on the afterburners and crashed through the hospital gates. It was quite a saga, but we got things under control. It was truly a miracle that we were able to find everything we needed to bring her back. Everyone in the bus and on the team played a pivotal role in resuscitating our dear nurse-translator. Together with Marta & Deme, we carefully transported her with us to a well-respected hospital in Addis. By the time that was done, night had fallen. Rather than proceeding out along the road to Debra Zeyit for our retreat, the team was able to arrange alternative accommodations at the SIM guesthouse in Addis where we spent our first night in Ethiopia – another near-miracle. God's provision continues to surprise & delight