David, Tim & Dr. Phil met early today at the Hilton hotel in Addis to prepare for a meeting with the Minister of Health that Marta & Deme had arranged. Despite the fact that Tim & David had had good times and adventures for the last few days in Addis, they seemed pretty happy to have a western breakfast (then later lunch) – if quantity of food consumed is a good measure! They worked all morning on things, and had a crisp presentation with a pretty complete set of artifacts to show by the time they broke for lunch. Meanwhile, the rest of the team was going through our retreat materials (led by Zondra) at the SIM guesthouse. Midway through lunch Dr. Phil got called by Deme; our nurse translator had had another “attack”, and they wanted him back at the Addis hospital to check on things. By the time he got there, she was fine; it's a little complicated to explain right now, but he was convinced that she was on the road to recovery. Phil also got the disappointing news that the Minister of Health would not be able to meet with them after all. Phil, David and Tim then proceeded back to the SIM guesthouse to join the team at the end of the retreat. We found ourselves praising God and marveling at the events of the last two weeks. That evening, we had a celebratory dinner at the Top View restaurant overlooking Addis; a good time was had by all.