Project Mercy, Yetebon

PictureIt is pure joy to be here! For all the family members and friends following this blog, please be assured that all team members are healthy, happy and working hard. You already know about the big tents but how does it work?

Children are brought to us in groups of 25 to Registration where they receive their health assessment form. Next stop is called BMI which stands for Body Mass Index but which is much more than that. Each child receives a patient number and for the first time today, a scan of their right index finger (more on that later). Next they are weighed, measured for height, and have their Z score computed. When finished at BMI they move to Triage which is the station where they visit a nurse one-on-one to discuss any medical problem they might have and are assessed either for a return to their classroom if they are healthy or a visit to the doctor if they are not. We also have a Lab station and a stool sample collection station if needed. Next we have three physician stations which are kept very busy! From the Pharmacy everyone receives vitamins and whatever medications are needed. All health assessments are eventually collected back to Registration after being checked. Today we are up to patient number #630.

PictureThe index finger scan is new today and was made easier to implement because one of the favorite songs the children sing is, “Where is Thumbkin? Here I am. How are you today, Sir? Very well I thank you.

Run away!” and so on through Pointer, Tall Man, Ring Man and Short Man which names all the fingers in order. All we have to do is say, “Where is Pointer?” and the kids are ready to scan. The scan is correlated with their health assessment and will be very helpful because there are some very popular (and repeated) names in each of the classes!

PictureToday we also had twelve children referred to the hospital for varied ailments such as malaria, abdominal cramps, pneumonia, worms and swelling in neck. On the clinic-side in the last couple days we have treated a dog bite and seen the effects of an untreated donkey bite from childhood.

A special greeting to all who are praying for us including all of our Bible Studies, churches, friends, families and St. Olaf's Lutheran Church in North Dakota. We could not do it without you!