October 9 - 25, 2009

Team Commissioning at MPPC



Our team of 12 busy professionals (some medical and some not) from all over Northern California have jumped at the opportunity to take 2 weeks of personal time to serve the people of Yetebon, Ethiopia - and in the process we are being touched and transformed in a very big way.

Phil, Sally, Bennie, Fidelia, Ann, Julia, Randy, Zondra, Dea, David, Siggie and Christine are in Ethiopia from October 9 - October 25. We will be spending the majority of our time in Yetebon, Ethiopia (approximately 2 hours from the capital of Addis Ababa and at an altitude of 7,800 feet), supporting the local Project Mercy Team. Our focus will be medical support for the local community - training of doctors in one of the few rural hospitals in Ethiopia, immunization and health checks for the "house children" at the orphanage and the Medhane Alem school children, treating community neighbors, and providing public health education training.

Our days will be long, typical western comforts not to be relied on, and we are convinced that this will be one of the most meaningful seasons of our lives.

One of our team members will be heading out to the nearest internet location (approximately 1 hours' drive from Yetebon), and will be posting a team blog, photos and updates every few days while we are in Ethiopia. We hope that you'll log on for updates, and can share in this journey with us....