pictureIf the dog barking to scare away the hyenas didn’t wake us up or the loudly chirping birds, the hours-long Orthodox call to prayer provided an early morning wake up call.  After breakfast, we went to a local Evangelical church for worship. We sat in the front on the side with translators interspersed. The music had a meditative quality with repetitious lyrics, even drumming and improvised keyboard accompaniment. The sermon, inspired by Isaiah 52:9-10, focused on serving others with your life and supporting each other to do God’s work. pictureAfter the sermon, one member of our group was invited forward to greet the congregation. Peter went forward and described what we had been doing this past week in Roggie Village, how this was inspired by our faith in God, and how our congregations can work together as brothers and sisters in Christ supporting each other for the Kingdom of Heaven.

pictureAfter church, we ate lunch at Babogaya, packed up and drove to Addis for some last minute shopping before we went to the airport. We flew from Addis Ababa to Dubai, rested in the Dubai airport for 6 or so hours before boarding for our flight back to San Francisco.