A day to Debrief

pictureFollowing a wonderful breakfast at Babogaya prepared by the chefs from Hope’s Hospitality School, we met to review what we had experienced.  Deb gave us a series of questions and we took a couple hours to individually reflect and respond.  We all had slightly different experiences with varying impacts but we could feel God at work, showing us his kingdom and drawing us near. 

pictureFollowing lunch, we went for a walk to explore the surroundings and ended up climbing a nearby cinder cone hill with an accompanying group of Ethiopian kids.  The views were spectacular and the revealed countryside was beautiful. picture At the top of the cone were grazing donkeys and goats.  Later we were also free to explore the grounds at Babogaya.

In the late afternoon and evening we discussed our responses and Deb related some other experiential questions to help us understand what we had just been through.  We also used the “circle of appreciation” to relate how the individuals on the team had positively impacted our own experience on the trip. picturepicture