AirportWe arrived in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from San Francisco after two days of travel and only a few glitches on the way. We had a two hour delay in Dubai upon arrival and found that our hotel room for the night was not in the reservation system. Mike, our team surgeon, immediately called for a group prayer which I’m sure put a higher focus in the “travel stream” to locate rooms for the group Saturday night.

After three hours of sleep and a very nice breakfast at the hotel we made our next connection at the Dubai airport for the 4 hour flight to Addis Ababa.

Arrive at AirportUpon our arrival in Addis Ababa, our host Marta were waiting and she warmly welcomed  all of us to Ethiopia, renewing friendships with many that have served here on past trips as well as all of us us that were new to this beautiful country.Arrive

Most everything cleared customs with the exception of 26,000 vitamins which were held up for a reason to be determined Monday. We are certain they will be recovered for the upcoming clinics.

As we drove into the Project Mercy compound we were welcomed by Deme and the staff. We were very happy to see that the tents were already set up for our medical and dental clinics. We were excited to know that this would be the place where we would be seeing many of the 1600 school children, including 80 children that Marta and Deme have adopted.

Our mission begins!


Start at SFOOur trip started by meeting at San Francisco International Airport at 2:15pm on Friday, October 22, 2010. The team members for all three teams arrived without a glitch and made our way to the ticket counter with our 36 pieces of luggage to check in and at least 18 pieces of carry-on luggage. Four team members had already arrived in Africa a few days before. The excitement was palpable! What does God have in store for us in the days ahead? What would we encounter to challenge our faith and trust in Him and not rely on our own abilities? For some of us, this is a return visit to Ethiopia. While others, it is the first mission trip abroad. We would be reunited with old friends and making new ones. For us all, this was a trip that God had called us to love and serve the people of Ethiopia.

The sixteen hour flight to Dubai was occupied with eating, movies, sleeping, and more eating. We arrived in Dubai at 7:30pm on Saturday, and went on a tour of the city for the next few hours. After several stops and a wade in the warm water of the Persian Gulf, we reached our hotel for a welcomed night sleep.

We arrived in Addis Ababa on Sunday and were stopped by the Customs Inspectors. Upon inspection of our medication bags, the 12 bottles and 3 boxes of vitamins for the adults and children were of concern. Was that 23 or 24. start overFortunately, Marta (Project Mercy founder) was there to greet us and plead our case with the inspectors. The vitamins were confiscated along with 12 doses of liquid Amoxicillin. We are praying they will be returned so they can be distributed to our patients who would greatly benefit from them.

Our Guest HouseAfter getting settled in our guest house, we began preparing for our first day of clinic. Medications and supplies were organized and bagged for distribution. It was the first time since our very first team meeting that all 8 team members were together. We sat at the dining room table talking, counting pills, and listening to Christian
music. It was a great time of fellowship and sharing. Tomorrow would be the big day!


Dear Family and friends

All teams, including me left San Francisco on Air Emirates, With No Problem! My  team is a little different than the other two teams. Our team is 11 Ethiopian Medical People and One US Person (me). We will be doing medical screening as a part of a 4 year MPPC Project in Ethiopia, more about this later. Right now all is  well.

All has arrived safely in Dubai. It was a long 15 hours flight, but we all got some sleep and had may choice for entertainment (moves, TV and music). We took a quick vane tour of this extravagant city and went to our Hotel for 4 hours sleep before our second leg of our trip to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Everyone is strong and in good spirit, thanks your faithfulness in prayer.

This morning God safely took us from Dubai to Addis Ababa. We were delighted many of our Ethiopian brothers and sisters, who would minister with over the next two weeks.

I took a seven hour trip North to Dessie with Melaku (CHE country coordinator) and Sharon (another CHE coordinator). We arrive late but were served a wonderful Pasta dinner with soup and salad. Ethiopia is a beautiful country and we all feel privileged to serve with Christian family, half way around the World.

Thank you for your prayers.