Day 10

Departure MercyWe would like to acknowledge our Ethiopian nurses and translators that worked alongside our team at Project mercy on Yetebon.

Mimi was our lead nurse from Ethiopia and our team member for our stay in Ethiopia. Mimi met our team upon arrival at the Bole airport and stayed with our team for the 10 days spent at Project Mercy. We all believe that Mimi is a future leader in Ethiopia with her love for her country and the desire to bring good health, and a sustainable future out of poverty for her country. Mimi’s dedication and love reflected daily  in her care of the children will forever stay in my mind and heart. Mimi has taught us all how to walk with Jesus.

Sister Mosarit has been a nurse for 28 years. Six as the head nurse at the Glen Olsen hospital in Yetebon. She does everything! She does all of the ordering, medical equipment, to the food and even the toilet paper. She trains all of the new employees. She does all of the preventive care for the hospital. She does family planning. She delivers babies. She vaccinates the children. On top of all of her accomplishments’ she preaches the gospel to employees and patients.

Tirsit usually works in a NICU with newborn premature infants. She helped (Joanne) in Yetebon by translating to the children when they did not understand my direction as she was interviewing, multitasking as she performed health assessment. She was gentle and caring in all of her task. She also translated for me when I didn’t understand conversations. She has a sweet loving nature and shared many gifts with the team.

Sinidu:  You are wonderful woman of God.  Thank you so much for giving of your time and breaking away from your job and studies to assist our team at Project Mercy.  You made such a difference in the dental tent and clinic.  You are a true reflection of God’s mercy as shown by your compassion for all of children and adults.  Perseverance is also your gift.  You worked tirelessly with no complaining for hours and hours. Thank you for being our partner not only for these two weeks, but as partners in Christ.  May God bless you in all things as you seek to serve him in Ethiopia.

Senaitkia: With love and compassion Senaitkia was able to translate for the team doctors, it was clear she was very fluent in English, but also very knowledgeable about medicine. By day 2 she was seeing children very effectively on her own. Working independent she became a key part of our team allowing the team to see all of the children. Marta’s hope to see all of the children was met. Senaitkia has a wonderful smile, lots of laughter and a blessing to the team.

Hannah:  It was a wonderful blessing to have been able to work with you, caring for God’s children.  Thank you for taking the time away from the fistula hospital to serve in Yetebon.  You loved the children, laughed with them, and met their needs with grace and love.  I know you do the same with the patients you care for in Addis.  God uses you to show himself to everyone you touch.  I pray you only grow in this gift and that your work and marriage continue to glorify him.  Blessings to you now and all of your life as you further the kingdom here in Ethiopia.  I hope we will be able to serve together again.

Kidane, It was a great blessing to me to have had the pleasure of meeting you, working with you and watching your spirit flow out to everyone with great kindness and gentleness.  I can see you continuing to develop in a great spiritual leader for your beautiful country.  When you spoke to the children about the distribution of iodized salt, I was ever so confident your words would be heard, understood and obeyed by each child that received the special salt.   And, Kidane, your care of me when we were on the hike was something I have never experienced before.  Your gentleness, your concern, your great ability to direct me to take care of myself also was awesome.  Thank you so much for all of your work at Project Mercy and the abounding love you give to everyone you meet and serve.  God bless you always and forever.

Astere worked as a translator for the tent doctors.  She normally work’s as head nurse in the Korean hospital in Addis Ababa. She told me that she enjoyed working with our medical team and being able to pray for the children. She was a tremendous encouragement to a discouraged young man who had lost the use of both of his legs due to polio.

 Bekela worked tirelessly to insure the flow of knowledge between the doctor and patient.  Bekela was a marvel to watch. He quietly picked up the slack for me (Joanne), weighing and measuring the children and then directing them to the next station. After listening to my health teaching, he would pick up the poster and began teaching the children as they watched and listened. He is finishing his college experience and is looking forward to teaching preventative measures to the community. He is a joy to work with.

Adona proved to be very valuable assisting in all of the three medical tents assisting the doctors and nurses in translating Adona proved to be a very effective when needed to help determine the patients need. Helped to make sure the flow of children were organized for the health assessment and treatment.

Our departure from Project Mercy brought our team to Addis Ababa “Sim guest house” to contemplate, pray and prepare our heart, mind and soul for transition back to the United States.


RetreatReflectionPraise be to God who has helped us through all the medical clinics and home visits. Today was our last full day of clinics and we made it!  He provided enough energy andmedications for us to see patients.  We were able to pray with patients, educate them on their illnesses and prescribe medications.  Many patients are relatively healthy, but some have very serious illness and disease that we can only offer prayer for.  Our team has been so wonderful to work with.  No team conflicts throughout.  Thanks for all your prayers.


passing the check As we finish our medical outreach, I’d like to tell you a little about Community HealthEducation (CHE) and givecredit to our 100% Ethiopian medical team, CHE is all about helping people; help themselves. In the attached picture a poor manreceives a micro-enterprise loan form a CHE savings group. CHE helps themstaff photo to learn how tobudget, save and invest.

The other picture shows how when you equip a group of people, the can own the solution (medical screening) and sustain it for years.

Thank you for your prayers, God has opened many doors and allowed us to serve his children and bring praise to His name.