Our team is now home but I remember the special moments and there are many.
A boy with a desire to help;
There were three birthdays in within our team;
We had a doctor that liked to sing Barry Manilow
The need is great and the photos reflect that honest need.

final day 12


Addis team retreat

For the past day and a half, our team has been two hours west of Addis Ababa near the town of Waliso, enjoying the peace and fresh air of the Ethiopian countryside, as we reflect on our time serving in the city. Tomorrow the journey home begins, along with reentry into our culture. In some ways, this will be the hardest part of our trip. We’ve had a remarkable sense of community develop in a very short period of time. Spending time each morning in prayer and devotions with one another, working together and sharing meals, laughing and crying, sleeping deep after exhausting days- we have had a chance to share life together in service.  Several of us left spouses and family back home, and reflected on the gift of having understanding mates who gave us their blessings and prayers to leave home for this time.  Each one of us will take home a different message and a unique change in our heart, which God had planned when we first felt called to join this team. Jesus showed up in the most unlikely of places, and so we all head home pondering the question, what now?

Thank you for your prayers for all of us who traveled to different regions of Ethiopia, and for those we served. Reflect on the stories you’ve read, the faces you’ve seen in the photos, and pray for these gentle, beautiful people. Pray also for our partners here who stay as we leave, and that their service will be allowed to continue. Despite what we have witnessed here, we know there is a hope. And that hope will not disappoint! 


We had an important day to reflect how God had worked "through" and "in" us.  We enjoyed looking  back to see His wonderful provision with the team, the children, our host, and the broader villagers.  God help us to have marvelous team unity, harmony and effectiveness while still sharing the loving touch of Jesus with those we served.  We learned about compassion, that involves living with the poor, and sharing some of their pain.  while we had a warm meal and bed to go to each evening, God allowed our hearts to be broken as His heart is.  Each day we emptied ourselves so that His Holy Spirit may guide and direct our words and actions.  The ministry of presents with the poor was both freeing and enriching.

We look to the future for God's call on our life.  Ethiopia has been a place where we've been fortunate to meet Him in a new and deeper way, through His children.  We are awed by His greatness, humbled by His mission, thankful for his provision and rejoicing in His love and fruitfulness.  We have experienced a world of no black or white, no men or women, no old or young - all one in Christ Jesus. 

Thank you all for your prayers and support.  It has been a gift to us and a sign of how the total family of God can reach any where in the world to show the love of Jesus to all!!

Another potpourri of Ethiopian photos is provided.  Blessings, the Dessie team.