Day 5


Nine PM and as I write Mike is still at the hospital doing emergency surgery with Dr. Abraham.  Mike and Bill’s day began with assisting on a thyroidectomy, followed by helping with the ongoing screening and treatment of hundreds of Project Mercy students.  Treating the potentially blinding eye infection of Trachoma in many children has been especially rewarding.  We have noticed the remarkable improvement of the health and well being of the students who have been at Project Mercy for more than a year, testimony to the effectiveness of the program.  As we move closer to completing the screening of the students here, we may have the opportunity to treat some of the most ill children in the community living outside the project next week.

Day 5Day 5Day 5

Day 5It has been a joy to part of a team that has such diverse and creative gifts.  Kathy leading a group of kids happily signing without the benefit of a translator, Jenny endeavoring to make a shoe lift from on old inner tube for a patient after performing physical therapy on post operative patients, or Weldon consulting on the hospital computer system are just a few examples.

Our day concluded with a birthday celebration for Judy.  Her cake was home made by the superb Ethiopian Day 5cooks topped with mouth watering chocolate/orange icing created by Isabella, Kathy and Mary from a concoction of candy they brought!.  Happy Birthday singing children delivered this masterpiece to a very surprised Judy.

Day 5Though tired at the end of the day, we are grateful to be a small helping hand to these precious children and this life giving ministry.





Being the only non-medical member of this team, I have often found myself separated from the main group.  As the team throws energy into the clinics, the hosts from SIM take me to support groups and personal home original light boxvisitations.  With each home visit, we share our hopes, prayers, scripture, and ways the SIM project has impacted their lives.  And, undoubtedly, we share the Gospel and an invitation to trust Jesus.

Imagine this home.  A home for an entire family usually resembles a tent more than a house.  Walls usually consist of the plastic-coated canopy material and reinforced with cardboard gathered from nearby vendors.  A more permanent structure may add mud along the walls for needed insulation; some even have old plaster walls.  In this single-room home, you'll find a single bed, a dresser, and maybe a chest for which we use to sit.  A single coal burner, a live chicken, and a several flies also fill many of the homes.  No toilet, no running water, and usually just a single incandescent light complete the setting.  For small groups, all the women gather in this space, no more than eight by ten feet.

Support groups usually have several women beneficiaries, women who directly receive benefits through the SIM project.  Beneficiaries are generally "positive" (HIV) and jobless.  The groups gather weekly to form community support with each other.  As an example, one lady expressed her gratitude for her group gathering to encourage her throughout five bed-ridden months.  Mostly, just the camaraderie from other "positive" women greatly adds to their otherwise burdened lives.  And even if several women consider themselves Muslim, groups learn Bible stories and study scripture.

I have received the privilege of sharing the Gospel message, three to four times a day.  From these visits, I have these specific prayer requests.  Please pray...

  • These women to hear the Gospel of grace, where the grace of God gifts us salvation through Jesus Christ...and ultimately trust Jesus, and only Jesus, as the way, the truth, and the life.
  • They learn how to be discipled directly from Jesus and not only through another person.
  • They all begin to question their beliefs and traditions allowing the Holy Spirit to open their hearts and eyes to faith and not only religion.I need a nap

These prayers also apply with the Muslim-influenced women.

With literacy running low, many women follow the teachings of Christian Orthodox leaders.  And, almost without fail, they believe their salvation comes directly from "doing good."  I do not know how the denomination teaches the Bible; however, what the women hear is "doing good" is their salvation.

Off to another home visit...As neighbor's radio blares, village dogs defecate a few feet from the entry, smoke from indoor wood-burning stoves plume, and the village dumpsite fills the aroma, Jesus reminds me again of His heart for the poor, the afflicted, and the lost.


FamilyWe would like to tell you about how our medical screening is a part of a bigger effort, Called Community Health Education (CHE). MPPC, in partnership with Lifewind International (a mission organization) are partnering with 3 churches and one school to bring holistic health to the entire Dessie community. This Dr. talkpublic health program seeks to help a community “learn to fish” as opposed to “giving them a fish”. These, health screening helps a community to learn what problems their children have, and then educate them how to “prevent” them. “Curative” referrals are given where there is an immediate need. Here you have a picture where 400 parents and children, attend a meeting at the end of a two day screening at hope school.

The doctor helps them to learn what are the major findings (issues) for this community and educates them on how to help their children. We hope this CHE information does not bore you, but hopefully it will help give you the bigger picture.

Much love and God’s blessing.