Day 6


This was another beautiful day in Yetabon! The sunrise was spectacular, as it usually is here in Ethiopia. The sunrises are accompanied by some of the most lovely singing of birds you may ever hear. Shortly after sunrise, we met for our time of devotions and were challenged to think about “Inner Brokenness” led by Joanne.

We were privileged again today to serve these beautiful children in this amazing place. Today, being Friday, theDental children had early dismissal and promptly at 12:30 we heard their joyful cries of laughter and pure joy as they streamed out of their classroom and hurried to make their way home. We were still able to see many of the 8th and 9th graders for dental and medical screening this morning.

DentalDr. Marshall made his way to the dental clinic in the hospital after lunch and was able to successfully treat 2 children with root canals, instead of pulling their teeth. It is most probable that these are the only children that have had root canal treatment outside the city of Addis Ababa. Imagine the joy of the boy who was fearful that his broken front tooth would be extracted looking in the mirror to see a fully built up and restored beautiful tooth instead! We are finding that these children desire to keep their teeth clean and healthy. For the most part, they do a great job keeping their teeth quite clean (especially the front ones) by using a twig from a certain bush, in the place of a toothbrush.

Yetebon Day 6Day 6Yetebon Day 6

In the afternoon, several of us had a tour of the bead factory here at Project Mercy. They create their own glass beads for the bracelets that they make for fund raising. These are truly beautiful and unique, on par with any jewelry you might purchase in the U.S. After that, many on our team went to the town of Butijera to do a little sightseeing and shopping. They were fascinated to experience the hustle and bustle of a busy “market day” in a rural town in Ethiopia. As is the custom here, a lot of bartering takes place and many different items are sold and exchanged.

We feel the power of your prayers and we anticipate another busy day tomorrow as we assess and treat any acute medical and dental needs of the 80-some children that Marta and Deme have adopted, known as the “house children.”

Keep the prayers coming as we are tired but feeling very blessed knowing that you are praying for us! We are truly overwhelmed by what God is doing in our hearts and in the lives of the people at Project Mercy.


Early morning run is a fringe benefit I get coming to Addis.   I get to run in high altitude Angela of 8000 ft filled with diesel fume, how lucky is that?  It makes you realize how blessed I am to live in the bay area.  After the morning run starts morning devotion then mobile clinic in one of the church in Addis.  I had patients ranging from resolving cold, back pain, myopia, headache and etc.  Today, luckily, I did not have a patient whom I had no clue what to do.  Most of the patients were church members and they were grateful for our medical team.  They blessed us more than we can ask for. 

This is my third time coming back to Addis.  I do feel inadequate treating patients here.  Some of the things I see here, I am not familiar with or have not seen in U.S.  I see more Happypatients here with skin lesions, dental and eye problems.  My training really did not involve in any of these areas.  Even with the things I am familiar with, my first instinct is to get more studies including CT scan, MRI and etc which are not available here.  I do my best to treat them with clinical history/exam with limited source of medication.  It is always hard to tell patients I see that I don't have medications to treat them but they are grateful that I spend time with them.

I always wonder why people here are more grateful.  Looking from outside in, I am angry and frustrated for them since they have so little.  But they have more gratitude than people who have much more.  Rather than complaining about what they don't have, they thank for what they have.  They seem to understand that God's grace is sufficient for them.  This is probably the reason God sends me here, to learn that "My grace is sufficient for you."


registrationToday we’d like to highlight our team loving the kids at our registration station and our vital sign area. We are often mobbed by group of excited children. Our childrenteam gives them a warm welcome as they collect demographics and history.   The guys who resister them enjoy giving them a hugs and the love of Jesus as they start the medical screening. The next picture shows the kids on the scale, so that we can weigh them and also get their height. Because of malnutrition and worms a 25% to 40% show signs of “wasting” and 20% to 30% are “stunted”. They are referred to the local hospitals or medical centers for de-worming medicine and then their parents are trained on preparing a balanced diet and personal hygiene practices. We sometimes pray with the kids so that they can receive both spiritual and physical help and healing. God has kept us full of his joy.