Day 7


“Because you give, God blesses you. America is blessed giving to people they do not know. We owe the wellMartabeing of America for our support which has enabled us to build Project Mercy” (quote from Marta).

On Saturday the medical team saw and treated all 80 of the house children that Marta and Deme have adopted as their own before lunch. After lunch Marta and Deme spoke for about an hour on the different areas of the school and grounds that provide for the 1600 school children and community that serve to make Project Mercy function. The community grows their food, planting seeds and harvesting when it’s time.  The community provides jobs by using a self-sustaining approach, building from raw materials.

One example of this self-sustaining approach is the making of cement blocks made here that will be used for the construction of the new high school. Cement blocks are made cheaper here and in turn, a job is provided for the community. In addition there are wood and metal shops used for building the furniture that will be used in the new high school. The fabrication of building material is then used for this new school, as well as the new building near the hospital to house staff.

RequestedYetebon Marta walkYetebon Marta walk

The giving of our medical team in support of the school children in Yetebon and Marta’s words opened my eyes and heart beyond expectation. I live in a modern world where everything I could ever want is possible to attain.
I met a 14 year old boy and asked him his name and found out that it is Nana.  I asked him how old he was and he said he is forty one forty and then repeated 14. I knew he was not 41 and transposed the numbers. I asked him what he likes to do for fun and he said he likes to teach the younger children and help them. I was silently impressed. I then asked him what he would like in the future when he completes school. Nana replied, “I would like my country to have good health, to be free of poverty and the opportunity to give back in the same that I Nanahave been blessed by Marta and Deme here in Yetebon, Ethiopia and Project Mercy”.  I placed a photo of Nanateaching the children as he observed Joanne and Jenny in the tent.

Most 14 year old boys want a bicycle of their own or a computer; Nana only wishes for what we can provide in a short week visit.

God has blessed this boy and me for the moment I spent with Nana.


Today is Saturday and we had the opportunity to drive an hour and a half outside of the city to visit the largestPharmacy Girls monastery in Ethiopia.  Our lunch was traditional Ethiopian fare consisting of injera,  a slightly sour crepe-like starch (which is their staple) and nine dishes which are eaten without utensils.  Delicious!  Then we hiked to a bridge that overlooked the "Grand Canyon" of Ethiopia.  Albeit short, the hike was much needed exercise.   It was a blessing to see God's natural beauty and to breathe in the fresh air.

Saturday is the largest market day in Addis Ababa.  People bring everything you can imagine to sell.  As we drove out of the city, many donkeys and people were carrying items into the city to sell.  Many tiny women were hunch-backed, carrying large, overwhelming bundles of sticks on their backs.  They would walk for many kilometers to earn 50 birr (equivalent to $3).   As we drove past them, I wondered how it could be that weHardwin Birthday are sitting in the car while they labor and walk with heavy loads on their backs.  They could have used the car instead of us.  I don't have an answer to this injustice.  This mental picture tells me they have hard lives.

This evening we had a cake for Dr. Hardwin, who celebrates his birthday with us.   What a terrific leader he has been.   We also said good bye to Dr. Chong, who had planned to return home earlier.  She was a servant leader to all of us and will be missed.


puppetsYou might wonder how we share the help and healing of Jesus in a community that is 85% Muslim. The answer is puppet evangelism. Both the children and their parents love to be entertained by the puppets and everyone likes a good story. Sharon usually start with denial and the lion’s den. The roaring lion is always a big crowd football with the kidspleaser. And then she links Daniel’s need for God to our need for God, and god’s provision, Jesus Christ.

The kids here love football (soccer) so when we have a little spare time we break out a soccer ball.  Immediately20 or 30 children appear and we enjoy a little fun. Having fun with the children and the adults is a way we can build bridges, create relationships and share the love of Christ.

 Thanks for your prayers and much love in Christ.