Day 8


Sunday 2Today is Sunday with church service in Yetebon starting at 10:00 am. The churchSunday 3 is about a 10 minute walk from Project Mercy where we live and work. Picture a church that holds 400 members that all walk from their home to the church, some as much as 30 minutes. What struck me as odd was that there were only 3 vehicles in the parking lot when we arrived.  Besides transportation, the church service format is also different than our services on the peninsula.  There is no lack for congregational participation which continued for about 1.5 hours and then the preaching started.  We were privileged to hear from Dr. Tolosa, an Ethiopian and now pastor of an Atlanta, Georgia church who graduated from Fuller Seminary and is a frequent minister to Christian churches in Ethiopia.  In addition to preaching, he blessed 6 adults who have dedicated their lives to minister to the people around Yetebon. 

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Sunday 1Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest from our work of medical and dental assessments.  However, most of Sunday 4our team members felt they needed more physical activity, so off we went at 5:45 am for either a 5 hour hike to a beautiful waterfall or a shorter trek to a Christian Orthodox Church part way up the mountain.  The scenery is spectacular with nearby  mountain peaks reach up to 10,000 ft,  green and partially cultivated mountain sides reaching almost to the top and all this as the backdrop to hillside residences consisting of a thatched roof circular home called a “tucule”.

We feel good with no health issues and expect to complete our surveys by late Monday or Tuesday.  We thank you and appreciate all of the prayers coming in our directions and want you all to know that we are also praying for you and for our SF Giants.


After a sleep in, team rose to go to service at St Matthews Anglican church.  Mission people from other sites gathered for Communion and traditional service.  Afterward, we gathered for lunch with some workers from SIM for pizza and a very special Cappuccino.  The feeling here is that we have been here in Addis for much longer than we have, as the spirit between the team is amazing.  Interesting how God plans for the blending of folks that have not known each other previously.  

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Today is Sunday which means going to an African worship service at Miserete Christos (the foundation is Christ). As soon as you walk in you kneel and pray. The best way for me to describe the worship is that it is a “full body” and “full voice experience. You better be ready to sing, dance, say amen and hallelujah, plus some sounds I can’t describe. It’s not an uncomfortable experience but is definitely a “lively” one, and I’m sure God is very please.

Now I want to share our joy by seeing some of the children of Ethiopia.

God’s blessings.

DessieDessie children

Dessie childrenDessie children

Dessie childrenDessie Children