Day 1

PictureThe sign reads "Visa on Arrival," but this isn't how it worked for George on emerging from our airline cocoon into the Addis Ababa airport passport control area. After an hour or so waiting and praying, a higher-up somewhere behind the scenes weighed-in, graciously reversing the initial "you will have to go home" decision. A bit more polite negotiating with customs over the medicines we are bringing to care for our patients and we were safely in the hands of our friends and hosts from the SIM/Mission to the World Aids Care and Treatment project.

Sally Edwards arrived separately early Sunday morning, having flown around the world in the opposite direction, stopping in Hong Kong and Bankok, to join us. As you can see from the nearby photograph, we all cleaned up well in time for worship this morning at St. Matthews, a picturesque Anglican Church.

PictureAfter a hearty lunch at a local Italian eatery, we spent the afternoon being briefed on our week's work by ACT staff. The planning board testifies to a steady stream of medical teams supporting our Ethiopian brothers and sisters from many different churches, but a three-month gap since the last visit means that we will have a busier-than-usual week of seeing patients. We feel ready and ask that you pray that we are able to serve all patients who need to see us.

During the late afternoon there was time for rest and reflection, including enjoying the mild climate, the product of Addis Ababa's lofty 8,000 foot elevation.

Tomorrow we have the privilege of paying home visits to ACT project beneficiaries. We eagerly look forward to beginning our week of sharing Christ's love through medical service.