Day 4

PictureEach morning we begin with devotions – the best way to start a day! We focused on prayer and how we respond when God gives His direction. Then we are off early to our first full day of clinic. It was held in a large church which gave us plenty of room for our zillion bags of supplies and medications and the doctors’ and nurses’ assessment stations and the pharmacy and a line-up of patients. A very busy place!

PictureThis Ethiopia staff are so well organized and had pre-scheduled appointments so the day ran very smoothly, allowing us to see everyone, which included some drop-in’s, a total of 95 in all. Linda, the nurse practitioner from the States who works here, was invaluable in helping us organize things, and seeing patients as well.

One woman touched us all deeply. 2l yrs old and with a very swollen left side of her face. She had recently had a CT Scan that revealed a large tumor along her carotid artery and now she had a large abscess in the same area. She was in a lot of pain and couldn’t afford another surgery she said. (She had had surgery last year for a tumor in the same area.) PictureWe started her on antibiotic treatment for the abscess and referred her back to the surgeon for further treatment. And prayed for her, just as we prayed for each person we saw who allowed that. Only a few didn’t. Physical healing is something we all want, but more important is the spiritual healing we all need.

One woman’s story broke our hearts. She has an HIV+ husband who refuses to use protection to keep her safe from his illness. She had 2 small children and feared that she too might become infected. We gave her some much needed teaching and prayed for her.

PictureDr. George saw an 73-year-old woman in Congestive Heart Failure and was able to get her onto medication to begin to stabilize her condition.

As rewarding as it is to be here and to treat and love others in Christ’s name, we feel our weakness and know it is only through the Lord’s power that healing comes. It is a privilege we get to see our Lord at work in the lives of these his children.