Prayer Letter

  • We pray for strong leadership and leaders with a vision of greatness and true inspiration for their country, not themselves, in Ethiopia.

  • We pray for a solid infrastructure that can be a model for the rest of Africa.
    We pray that Westerners would not see Africans as poor victims but as strong people being oppressed by broken systems.

  • In this acceptance, we pray we do not get caught up in the disappointment of politics but remain steadfast in our commitment to love and stand by our brothers and sisters in sustainable ways.

  • We pray that the Ethiopians who want to fix the system and those who have the knowledge and resources to do are granted the fortitude and commitment to follow through.

  • While we are there, we pray that we can be a window to a respite for those who toil within a broken system... a broken world.

  • We pray that we are able to redistribute a little of the Love that has been shown to us.