June 10

We’re driving from Addis to Rogge our first Sunday, and we stop to pick up the two young women who will serve the Lord by cooking breakfast and lunch for us…the seat next to me is open and one sits down.  With golden retriever enthusiasm I say “Hi!What’syourname?”

She answers shaffey…I repeat Shaffey?  We go back and forth a few times until I get it right…Sheffay.
“My name is Kathy…Ka-tee”

She giggles as it all dawns on her…”No” she says, “I am the chef.  My name is Fortuna.”


She and her friend. Elsbeth, cook meals fit for a king for us…each day we savor Ethiopian spices in sauces, lentils and veggies from the amazing garden at Rogge.

Fortuna and I always have a smile and hug for each other, a bond formed on our bus ride.

I ask her for a recipe…it takes her two days to translate and write it out…she hands both me and Mike a copy and it just touches my heart..the time and care she took to feed all of us and to share the recipe with us, done with love for our Lord Jesus.

My new friend, Sheffay Fortuna.