Guatemala Mission Trip
July 10-21, 2006

Welcome to the Guatemala Family Mission Trip Home Page! There will be updated information (photos and reports) while we are in Guatemala and we invite you to follow along as often as you can. We are so very grateful for your prayers (please see Prayer Letter ).

Partnership Ministries of Central America, founded by Steve and Laura Reed is an ideal organization for us to partner with on this trip. Steve felt called to start this ministry while he was pastoring a Spanish speaking church in San Francisco and he is a strong family man who loves children and always wants to include them in ministry. The Guatemalans also value children highly and we will undoubtedly enjoy assisting with the children’s Vacation Bible School as part of the ministry in addition to all ages helping to build the church which they will have done the largest part of before we arrive.

Partnership Ministries is very clear that the North Americans they take to Central America are going to learn and serve alongside the nationals who are already doing a wonderful job. As we serve near Guatemala City alongside a pastor and his church, we and our children are going to understand much more about humility and the privilege of being invited into another culture which has so much to teach us.