Our Guatemalan adventure began while it was still dark out at 5:30 in the morning. At SFO we encountered a slight problem: a couple of our pieces of luggage were considerably over weight. What’s a traveler to do? Pay the excess weight fees or leave the items behind? But not us! With the few bags that still remained in our possession, we began to re-shuffle the items as best we could. “If necessary, put extra layers of clothes on,” shouted our team leader from the counter where she stood watching the comedy unfolding before her eyes. When finished, the two bags miraculously weighed 49 and 50 pounds each. Our next trial:  getting twelve people through the security line, ten minutes before our plane was to depart. Thank you, Homeland Security and Orange Level Terror Alerts. A most welcomed sigh of relief and gratefulness was breathed by the adults as we buckled our seatbelts and settled into our seats.

Our lay-over in Dallas, originally scheduled to be a mere five hours, turned into a six-hour afternoon. There we amused ourselves by frequenting the many shops in the D-terminal. In particular, we made ourselves comfortable in a bookstore where we quickly started to scare the real customers away with our raucous banter and our crass critique of Joel Olsteen’s books.   When they left, we took their chairs.

                We arrived in Guatemala at about 9:00 p.m. local time. The new terminal at La Aurora International Airport impressed us all. Finding all 19 pieces of our luggage was considerably easier here than in the States. Who knew?  After a quick meal at McDonald’s (our first taste of Guatemalan food), we finally made it to our hotel. We found the Hotel Spring to be a quaint, but charming, colonial-style hotel. Its open-air courtyards and hanging vines charmed and warmed our tired, weary souls.

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