Steve graciously let us sleep in until 7:00 a.m. Our day was to be a full one at our work site. We were to start tying re-bar cages first thing and then later on in the day we were to have lunch with our host families. Starting the trip with sharing a meal in the homes of the Guatemalans was a great way to begin: it helped us feel welcomed and allowed us to connect with our new church family. We split of in pairs. Some of us were welcomed into more “comfortable” houses made of cinder blocks and cement. Others, were welcomed into huts of laminate siding and dirt floors. In either case, we found that the hospitality and generosity were way beyond our expectations.

Later that day, we worshipped together with our church family and were personally greeted and hugged by each member of the congregation.  The Spirit of the Lord moved in the church in ways that were new to us.

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