Day 3

There would be no sleeping in on this day. We arrived at our work-site early. It was raining.  Rosby and Victoria, our Guatemala trip leader, had assured us that it was NOT the rainy season. Yeah, so much for listening to the Guatemalans. It rained all day. We erected our rebar columns and began the process of mixing cement. Our bucket brigade got into an awesome rhythm as we worked to the grinding groans of the cement mixer. Swinging buckets of cement back and forth, back and forth we began to make progress around the perimeter, and slowly we began to see the 15 foot trench fill. 

Lunch was a much anticipated reprise from our grueling work day. Cement swinging makes for very ravenous people and lunch was like a feast! The tasty food is accompanied by the freshest pineapples and the spiciest pea-sized peppers, called chiltepes, which are native only to Guatemala. After lunch,  our work day would be split into two groups. Some would continue with the construction work and some would work with the children in the Vacation Bible School program.   There was a puppet stage with large “muppet”  type puppets that told stories and sang songs.  After singing and a Bible-story we worked individually with the children as they worked on the various crafts.

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