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Day 1

God is good. We made it! We arrived in Haiti safe and sound with no travel issues.  You do however learn a lot about members of your team when you take the red eye flight. For example, Nancy Ortberg can fall asleep quicker than the flight attendants can get through their pre-flight check. She also looks great at 5:30 in the morning. Kevin Kim likes to eat Pringles for breakfast and Chris Kockelman DOES NOT enjoy sitting in the middle seat for a 5 ½ hour flight. I’m sure we will learn much more about one another as the week passes.
We arrived in Haiti around 9 am. It took us a good amount of time to get through immigration, retrieve our luggage, and find the way to our transportation. We drove to the guest house, ate lunch, and settled in. We then went shopping at some local markets, where locals were making and selling everything from metal art to heart shaped rocks. I’m pretty sure Kevin bought one of everything. We then traveled back to the guest house , where a very strange, but very familiar dinner awaited us; spaghetti. I must say, Haitian spaghetti is quite good. We had a quick meeting, then off to bed early.

Port-au-Prince is just what one might expect: dirty, broken, and disorganized. From the tent cities to the crumbled buildings and rubble to garbage filled sidewalks, the city is a mess. We saw a good sample from the 30 minute drive from the airport. But Haitians, as they have for years, have adjusted to their new reality, and found a way to make it work.  There is a constant stream of people on either side of the street, walking, selling or hustling something, trying to survive. We are looking forward to being immersed in these people and this country and learn all we can, and serve however we can.