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Day 2

Greetings from Port-Au-Prince!

Wish you were here with us.

We got to experience worship at two Haitian churches...that's right, two worship services. Don't be jealous.
And it behooves me to inform you that the sermon was an hour long. We have much to learn MPPC but we'll get there...minute by extra minute.

From our second worship we went to one of the poorest areas in Port-Au-Prince and met with a pastor who is ministering there and starting a school there for all the children of the community. We got to meet Johnny, a 21 year-old student (brilliant) who lost his mother in the quake. His dream is to work hard at school, learn as much as he can and use that knowledge to empower and equip the people of his community so that they can help rebuild and heal their country. He loves the English language and is working hard to perfect it. I want to give Johnny a scholarship, don't you?

Lunch was at...wait for it...wait for it...a Chinese restaurant in Haiti called Chez Wu's. I kid you not. It was absolutely beautiful inside, nicer than a lot of restaurants in Menlo Park. And right across the street was a tent city. It was a powerfully painful juxtaposition. We had no idea how this restaurant could maintain business in this location. People had theories but we'll save that for later.

After lunch at Chez Wu's we hopped into our trucks and headed for the Leadership Center. From what I understand it's a leadership and theological training ground for about 60 students. They need computers by the way, if anybody reading this happens to have one (or twenty) to donate. We spent a lot of time there talking about the situation in Haiti, learning about some of the frustrations in the relief effor there and listening to the hopes and dreams the Haitian people have for their country. It's complicated but hopeful.

Nancy Ortberg then jumped onto the back of a truck and rode in that truck all the way back to our hotel/place of residence. We feared that she would get herself killed. While on the truck she began waving and gesturing to all the cars, bikes and buses that passed by. We feared that she would get us killed. Fortunately, the people of Haiti are incredibly gracious and forgiving! We survived and made it back to our place safe and sound. We ate. We fellowshipped. We listened. We learned. Tomorrow we work. Tune in for more...Good night MPPC!