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Day 3

Today we started our actual project work….forty five minute ride through the city, bustling with activity, shopping stalls set up all along the road, and trash in the gutters, varying from a smattering to small mounds with goats dining.  As I’m sure everyone will comment, the city has many destroyed and abandoned buildings, tent cities as far as the eye can see, and makeshift shacks that look like a stiff breeze would knock them over.

We arrived at the work site, where they are building a ‘Transformational Center,’ largely a place where they can have church and educate the children.  Just the foundation was visible and we spent the better part of the day (until the late afternoon) forming a human assembly line and swing 20 pound cement blocks from a stack to the building project.  We started off strong, with Kevin Kim doing a bit of whining, and ended up having to take breaks every twenty minutes…hard work in the hot sun.

But we had a view of banana trees and the Caribbean and a great team spirit, so it was mostly a joy.  The breaks were fun as we sat with the Haitian workers and neighbors, and through a translator learned a bit about their lives.  One young man who was with us today has the dream of being the President of Haiti in twenty years; he spoke passionately about the need for young people like himself, who love their country, to be about the business of change.  It is a country which needs people like him.

We have an architect (Jack) and a builder (Peter) and it has been fun listening to their observations and thoughts about ways we can help even more in the future.  We are getting ready to assemble the craft bags for the children (which we will use tomorrow afternoon) and then get a good night sleep in the warm tropical air with the crickets singing.