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Day 5

Everybody on our team woke up and were wide awake and ready to start the day, most of them at least. Janet however, was very sleepy and had a headache. As she reaches for her headache medicine, she accidently took sleep medication! At break feast she was so out of it that the team actually had to help her get in bed. And the other team members went to the work site. Janet slept till 11 am. Ironically, she’ll be taking another one tonight to fall asleep just so she doesn’t mess up her sleep pattern that much.

Work today was nice; we did a lot of different jobs today instead of what seemed to be our regular routine of block moving. I for one was putting mortar on top and inside the nocks and crannies of the blocks. Other team members were tying triangular rebar together with metal ties and creating the sand for the mortar. David was on top of that job. He was really connecting with the Haitian people, learning their ways and taking as many brakes as they did. This was around the sum of 20 brakes altogether today. Tomorrow, I’m taking that job over. Every time I walk by he was sitting in the shade. Lucky guy. Other jobs included the awful moving of the bricks from point A to point B, and then from point B to point C. You’d think a little communication could have saved us a lot of time and sweat. At other times the only job we could do was walk around and pretends we were doing something, or maybe that was just me. Anyways after a somewhat easier day of work, we headed over to the open field where we hold of VBS festival. Scott and i and other team members busted out the good old water balloons and guns. Then we waited for the signal….3…2….1 ATTTACK!!! On the signal we unleashed our storm of water onto the Haitian children. They laughed and they screamed in joy as we attacked them in waves of water. They really loved it; this was a time for them to be kids. An opportunity they do not get often if never. After all the games and crafts it was time to say goodbye. I waved to a group of teenage Haitian girls who all had crushes on me. It was very funny if almost hysterical. These girls would come up to me and ask me my name and then half joking and half serious say “I love you!” My dad is giving out my number to them all no, gotta love good old pops. But don’t worry ladies, I’ll be back tomorrow. I finally was able to connect with a Haitian boy my age today. We talked and talked about hip-hop and rap music for hours. He’d start a rap song and then I’d finish it. I told him I’d come back one day when I had finished my first single. I made a promise, and I never break promises. I’m really going to miss Rubens when I leave, but i got his Facebook account so we’ll keep in touch. I’m missing the rest of our group the left yesterday which was Nancy Ortberg, Kevin (Jacky Chan) Kim and Dan the videographer; I was really having a great time with them. I still am having a great time, and I may think I’ve found the reason god brought me here….

This is Kriss kockelman signing off, ~Good Night~