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Day 6

We got up this morning and had breakfast of porridge and peanut butter/pineapple jelly on a white bagel. I have been enjoying the coffee here which we have had every morning.

We drove off to the work site in Cabaret which is part of Port-au-Prince at around 8:30am. When we stopped to get the water at the place that we normally do along the road, Steve picked up some sodas as well. I tried out the banana soda and Kriss had the strawberry. I thought the banana soda was too sweet. I haven’t read all of the previous blogs, but we’ve been passing this dead horse along the road to the work site and back home every day now. Today, the ribs are exposed, so something has been eating it. When we got to the work site, I assumed my post with the mortar pit crew. It’s been good working with them and ‘supervising’ everyone else working in the hot sun as we rest in the shade waiting for the need to mix more mortar. This then will be given to those transporting it to the church walls the masons are building. It has been fun working under them and speaking to them in the very little French and Creole that I know along with using hand gestures. Today, while resting I sat with Johnny, a Haitian boy about 14 and went through my Haitian Creole/English phrasebook. We had a great time communicating using this! It certainly beats moving around the rebar and cinder blocks in the hot sun getting sun burned.

After a very delicious lunch of rice, eggplant stew, and chicken, most of us went to the village area where we continued doing VBS. Steve and Peter stayed on to help the construction workers with setting up the horizontal rebar reinforcement of the walls. Peter felt that he was quite productive after he finished for the day. VBS was very enjoyable with about 110 kids showing up and playing soccer, throwing the Frisbee, throwing water balloons, performing puppetry, etc. It’s really neat to see the kids having such a good time. Jack using Josi as the translator told the kids the story of Noah and the ark. I think that he did a great job, but I had a hard time listening because some of the young kids were climbing on me or getting together and picking me up. It took about 3-4 kids to do it. They all wanted to show me how strong they are. Kriss, Mr. Don Juan, evidently was getting more attention from the young Haitian girls. Today is the last day of VBS, only 3 days, so, we gave out a goodie bag to all the kids with a bunch of fun as well as useful stuff in it. They all seemed quite appreciative for it. I really felt a good sense of connection with the kids.

We went back to where we are staying, and along the way we stopped and bought some sugar cane from a market vendor. It was the first time that I have tried this. Kriss, Renate, and Scott also had some. I don’t think they had this before, and I think that the general consensus was that we liked it.

We had a very nice meal together and played Taboo together. The girls beat us guys pretty soundly.

Signing off for Thursday the 24th, February.