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Day 7

Due to the extraordinary events of the evening of day 6, I'll start there...

While defending her life against a giant bug Bennie fell off the bench, and as it turned out today fractured her wrist. Thanks to experience from frequent Tae Kwon Do injuries,  card board, ziplocs filled with ice, a bandage and Janet's excellent assortment of medication we got Bennie well through the night. She even got to take a stroll through the night streets of Port-o-Prince to see a doctor who is a friend of Franklin. 

In the morning most of the team headed out to the work site, while Bennie accompanied by Victoria and Francklin went to the hospital to get X-rays. The bad news: The wrist was indeed fractured and will have to be reset; the good news: It can wait to be done in the US, as we're leaving tomorrow.

At the work site I shared some pictures of my family with the women who every day prepared the most wonderful lunch for 30+ people in a kitchen that doesn't have a stove, or sink or anything one usually expects in a kitchen, but just on charcoal "grills". As I explained that it was my son Lukas' 11th birthday today they all sang Happy Birthday for him, it was a very special moment.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lukas, wish you could have been here, but in mind we were all with you on your special day. 

During the day we finished moving the last pile of cynder blocks into the future church, had the last delicious lunch with our new Haitian friends, and to end this wonderful time with them, we worshipped together in the church we're building together. As we sang and prayed together I know it's true:  Oui, Le la!!! - Yes, God is here!!!

We ended the day and our wonderful time here in Haiti with an amazing dinner at a restaurant together with Pastor Guilemette and his family, Pastor Francklin, Josi our translator, and Daniel and Johnny our drivers.

Thanks to all who made this a wonderful experience, and thanks to everybody who was reading along on our journey.