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Prayer Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters at MPPC,

Our team of 10 people (comprised of individuals that attend the Menlo Park, San Mateo and Mountain View campuses) is about to leave on a short-term mission to Haiti.  As you may have heard on the news recently, it has been just a little over one year since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, killing well over 200,000 people.  Since that time there have been significant international relief efforts to provide emergency supplies, food and water, temporary housing, and stem the spread of infectious diseases that have racked the Island.  However, much of that help is still not reaching the people.  Our team will be working with an interdenominational church organization,  participating in building a transformational village for part of the day, and the remainder of the day we will be interacting with the mostly children that live in the Cabaret area of Haiti.  This area is about 45 minutes outside of Port-au-Prince. 

We invite you to participate with on us all phases of the trip – including our preparation, the time we spend in Haiti, and the integration of that experience as we come back into the U.S.   Your prayers are deeply coveted by the entire team, and a few things we are asking your prayer on include:

Please pray for:

  • That we may be a blessing to those in Haiti whom we will be serving and working alongside with, and that God will use our team according to His purposes to bless the people we encounter

  • For safety for the team during our travels and that we remain healthy while we are in and returning from Haiti

  • For the church in Haiti, the Country of Haiti as a whole, and the families and children we interact with to know God’s love and hope

  • For spiritual protection  against any dark spiritual forces and freedom from any fear

  • That the small details of the trip are all taken care of (food, clothing, supplies, tickets, rides, etc.)

We are grateful to be a part of the MPPC community alongside you, and look forward to seeing how God is working, and will continue to work in this stricken area.

With our gratitude,
The MPPC / Haiti team