Message 2

Today, the team reached a truly devastated area. St. Bernard parish is unbelievably destroyed. People walked into the clinic wearing boots covered with muck up over their ankles. Their stories are heartbreaking, many say they came back today just to collect anything they could, and they'll never return. Some say they've been here for generations - since the 1700's when they settled the parish, but they'll still never come back. They don't trust that the levies will ever be rebuilt strong enough to ever protect them.

The patients are shell-shocked, such a contrast to the perky energy of the PRC Compassion (our local partners) teen volunteers. They're so energetic, seeing them set up the food distribution depot yesterday was really inspiring and their faith uplifting in all of this squalor.

Patients we're seeing have dermatitis, conjunctivitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, COPD exacerbations, cellulitis, lacerations, and sprains. In 3 hours we saw 55 patients and administered many tetanus immunizations, gave out antibiotics, let patients breathe in albuterol nebulized, gave much pastoral care and MFTs counseling. It's great to be here and be of such help, it's such an honor to hear their stories and care for their wounds...