Message 4

Today we spent the morning back in St. Barnard’s Parish with our new friends from PRC, Jodi (Nurse Practitioner), Cheryl, and Doug – all from Kansas. We saw more brave residents of the area for basic and sometimes advanced medical care. Many tears were shed by members of the team and local residents as they shared their stories. Some residents are coming for the last time to say goodbye to the home and community they have lived in their entire lives. Pictures cannot truly convey the complete devastation this area has suffered. As far as we looked in every direction, homes, schools, business, churches, and every other building have been completely destroyed.

Eleanor has been amazing – sharing prayer cards that were written by the Chancel Choir, Mother’s Together, and the Stephen Minister’s. Each card shares a prayer, Bible verse, or words of hope for the residents of Louisiana. You cannot image how much it means to them to know that people as far away as California are praying for them.

In the afternoon, we traveled to a Chinese Church in Kenner, Louisiana to provide medical care and tetanus shots to local residents in the area. The devastation of Katrina spreads for hundreds of miles. It seems no one has been spared. One woman today told us, “Tell everyone you know what you’ve seen. Don’t let them think we’re ok. We’re not ok.”

As this is being written, Enoch, Nancy, and Susan are across the street at a tent city telling them we are here in the Chinese church, and to come get free medical care. The patients are already streaming in . . . have to go!