Message 5

Today was our first full day at the disaster relief center in St. Bernard's Parish. Unbelievably, we saw 159 patients in one day! As people return to their homes and try to salvage what little is left, they are developing skin irritations, eye irritations, and are coming in to the clinic with sprains, cuts, and bruises.

One story we heard was of a family who was told this area would never flood, so they don't have flood insurance. They were sitting in their living room, and within seconds the water rose to knee level. It just kept rising as they raced to the attic. They lived in the rafters with their dog for 3 days before being rescued. The survived by drinking water they found in a gallon jug floating by.

As a team, we have been so amazed by how God has moved, and continues to move, in this area. The people are thankful to be alive and consider themselves blessed. We, too, feel blessed and privileged to be able to share this experience with these people. God is great all the time!