Message 6

People were moved that folks from California would come and help them rebuild. Many. This PRC Compassion food depot provided clothing, food, and we supplied medical and sanitary needs. Today’s giveaway was like filling your Christmas stockings, but just 10 boxes and bags of stuff – now it’s all gone. The number of children we saw today was striking. This is the worst of neighborhoods affected. There’s nothing to go back to. A 16 year old girl asked me to smell her shirt; she said this was the smell of her home. A pastor’s daughter who was volunteering, noticed that this girl was about the same size as she was, so she took her to her car, washed her feet, and gave the returnee her own boots and clothes. The returnee said, “I’m an atheist”, the Pastor’s daughter said, “That doesn’t matter”.

95% of the people we saw were living with extended families of up to 24 people living in tight quarters. They’re out of shelters now. They’re away from the piles of donations that were offered at shelters.

The last girl we saw this evening had abdominal pain, and carried with her a rotweiler puppy with her tonight, it was so hard to take since she was saying how hard it was to get thru the FEMA lines, and was confused about how to get help. She had to swim through the flood alone. She had no family. None. Any parent who comes to volunteer here will be incredibly touched by the children.