Message 2 Day 2- Oct 9
Waking up bright and early, we attended a house-rockin’, foot-stompin’ worship service at the nearby Bethany church. But today was to be no day of rest, as there were many preparations to attend to! The 2 doctors (Andy and Doug) had some technical difficulties in getting Louisiana state credentials, in that the office, with posted weekend hours, was, we were informed, no longer open on weekends. However, the ladies operating the telephones next door were really nice, and went out of their way to help us, and we were able to leave our applications with them to be approved on Monday the next morning.

During this time, we serendipitously met the Head Pharmacist for FEMA operations in the area. After learning about us, she offered to get us any medical supplies we needed. Wow! God is certainly watching out for us!

We met with Dr. LeBlanc, the person in charge of the PRC relief effort. We’re to join another medical team in New Orleans East, rather than return to St. Bernard. The hope is to promote a more long-term medical presence in the area.

PRC had provided us with a rented 40ft RV, which had been stuffed to the brim with donated medical supplies. It is huge. Apparently, a physician had come 1 week after Katrina hit to help however he could. Before leaving, he arranged the rental of this RV to help out with the relief effort and gave it to the PRC to use as they saw fit. And now it was ours. We plan on using it as our mobile pharmacy and base of operations.




The last 3 members of our team arrived safely. Our team is now complete! Looking forward to tomorrow, our first day of clinic!