Message 6 Day 6- Oct 13
I guess we should be careful what we pray for, because God might actually grant our request! Today was busy. Doug thought it would be a good idea to throughout the day make announcements to the people at the SBA about our clinic. This may have been a big factor, but it was fantastically hectic today. We gave out 150+ vaccinations and saw ~70 patients! Despite the increased volume, I think we were still able to have quality interactions with our patients, just not always as often nor as long as before.

Talking to more Katrina victims, their sense of frustration became more evident. Most had moved 3-4 times in the past month and a half, many not sure if their friends or neighbors survived, but certain they would never see them again. They’re used to waiting in lines now, for everything. That’s all they do, all day. They’re eager to start over, eager to rebuild, but they’re forced to wait… wait… wait. Wait for the financial aid application to process, wait for the insurance inspector, wait for the FEMA check, and the money was never enough. Jobs? There aren’t any. I could see the frustration in their eyes. And the rent gouging was simply unbelievable. One patient told me his apartment went for $1200/month, but in a week, his friend had to pay $2000/month.

Being near the end of the week, I can say that the over 90% of patient visits were for prescription refills. Many were down to their last few days of pills, and many more had been unable to take their medications for weeks. The next most common request was for sleeping pills. After that was cough, breathing problems, contact dermatitis, lacerations and cellulites, as well as a couple of cases of Bell’s Palsy. Unlike Team 1, we didn’t see much conjunctivitis. Brown recluse spider bites were somewhat frequent complaints; apparently, as people fled to their attics to escape the coming waters, so did the spiders.