Message 7 Day7- Oct 14
Our last clinic day. Today when we arrived at the DRC, we noticed that the DMAT people were gone. Now anyone that wanted vaccinations had to come to us, and came they did. The nurses in the RV were basically giving out shots non-stop. The doctors had a busy day as well, but it wasn’t as busy as the day before.

Talking to some of the people, we discovered that many were getting trailers from FEMA on loan for 18 months. With new trailer parks opening up everywhere, it’ll pose new public health risks and will be a challenge for the provision of medical care in the near future.

We closed the clinic early at 3:30pm so that we’d have time to visit the French quarter before heading back to Baton Rouge. However, last minute patients kept coming through wanting vaccinations, and a couple of patients requiring urgent care, including someone who lacerated his fingertip and a little girl who developed a reaction to her insect bites. By the time we were done, we no longer had time for any sight-seeing and had to head straight back to Baton Rouge.

What a wonderful week! We are so thankful to God for His provisions and His care throughout the time we were here. These people’s stories have touched our hearts, and we return back home a little stronger, a little bolder. Though many of us wish we could stay and continue working here where the need is great, our prayers now go with Teams 3 and 4 as they continue on in our stead.