Message 1 / Day 1 October 16

Continental Airlines provided our team of eleven an uneventful trip to Houston and on in to Baton Rouge. We were on the ground around 4PM, rented three vans and drove to Center of Hope. This is a relief worker center with many teams coming and going to various sites to work. We entered the grounds at dusk and were touched to see the three crosses at the entrance to Bethany Church, the organizers of the center.

We had quick Cajun dinner of delicious chicken gumbo in the worship area while listening to a very good worship band practice, met Dr. Sheri LeBlanc, the medical director for the area and received a great overview of our week. We then met our RV driver, Dennis. He is volunteering from Oregon and will be here until the holidays.

Since we brought 6 bags of replenishing supplies for the Pharmacy, we spent about an hour unloading them and familiarizing ourselves with where things were. We want to be ready to function as soon as we arrived at our site.


We’re excited to be here and start working. We’re trusting God to place us where we can best serve..